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Garnet Hates Ghosts

an original children's book
Honors Senior thesis

For my honors senior thesis I wrote and illustrated a complete children's book called Garnet Hates Ghosts. A little girl moves with her parents into a Victorian, gothic mansion that is full of ghosts. The only problem is, that's her only fear. She's terrified, but meets a ghost girl Carmilla that decides to show her around, introducing her to the house's ghosts, showing her they're actually friendly. She encounters characters like a ghost ballerina, a "ghost writer", a ghost chef, and a ghost chimney sweep. This book is meant to teach children not to be scared of monsters in the dark. It also includes subtle hints for adults to pick up on insinuating a slightly more sinister plot.

I had the privilege of being able to debut all 24 pages and the cover at the Pace University Art Gallery! It was truly an amazing experience to have my own section of the Senior Showcase Exhibition. I have loved this project and have the goal of getting this book published.

The Scarlet Dark

an original graphic novel (2022)

22 year old Noa lives a very secluded life in a small apartment in New York City with just their cat for company. Ever since they were little, they've seen strange figures out of the corner of their eye and shadows that seem to follow them wherever they go. Recently, they’ve gotten worse and more vivid. These creatures seem to follow them but they know they’re just their imagination, right? So, they try to just ignore them until the opening scene: they just can’t go back to sleep one night and decide to get up and go to their favorite coffee shop. On the way, they spot the most beautiful girl they've ever seen: Ivy. She disappears but the two end up at the same coffee shop, start talking, and exchange numbers. Noa somehow feels like they have known this girl forever. The visions seem to go away when they're together. But, something isn't right. Ivy starts acting guilty like she knows something. Was meeting the girl of her dreams all a coincidence or is there something more cynical behind everything?

I created this queer horror/romance novel for my Graphic Novel class and ended up falling in love with this project. This book is still in progress but it will be finished soon and I also have the goal of having it published one day. 

Custom Dolls

Acrylic paint & custom outfits

This year I really found a passion for customizing dolls. I started by taking a vintage porcelain doll and painting her to look like a ghostly Victorian girl. I also sewed and hot glued together her dress and added details like a bloody handkerchief. After she sold, I was inspired to continue with a Carrie doll, a devil girl doll, and a clown doll. I even got commissioned to transform a family's vintage doll into a creepy doll which was a super fun project. I've sold most of mine at markets or on Etsy and I'm almost always working on another idea.

Are We Only Parts

Fall 2022
completed - Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

In my Graphic Design II course, we were assigned to create a series of six posts about a cause we're passionate about. I decided to focus on the issue of animal cruelty, especially in the meatpacking and dairy industries. I kept my usual theme of using red and so it was not too gruesome, chose medical, anatomical imagery. There are five Instagram formatted posts and one Instagram story post. 

Scraps of Me

book of collages (Spring 2021)
completed - Adobe InDesign

This book as an inside look into the chronological progress of my life. It is divided into different sections that represent chapters of my life. Each page is designed to look like a scrap book that has been cut and glued together but is actually digitally made. Each page includes original poetry written by me and old photos taken by my family members. This project was created for my Digital Design class and is 30 pages of collage in total. 

Redesigning Album Covers

album cover mockup series (2022)
completed - PicsArt

This is a series I decided to start after seeing online discourse over what makes a good album cover. So, I decided to take albums that already exist but redesign the covers to what I would choose if I were on the artist's team. I also have posted this series on my account @rensfaire

Custom Painted Shoes

Spring 2022

I was commissioned to paint Air Force Ones using vibrant neon colors and a dripping effect. This was the result.

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