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I'm a designer and illustrator that graduated Summa Cum Laude from Pace University in December 2023 with a BFA in Art and minors in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. I have been sketching and drawing ever since I was little but found my passion for digital art when I started an Instagram account in 2018. I started experimenting with digital collage and edits and then started collaborating with companies to promote them on my account. In 2021, I had grown my audience to over 75,000 followers with posts that reached millions of impressions. I changed my type of content but still post my art on the account @rensfaire. I realized with how much I was loving it, I wanted to do something like that as a career. My beginning working experience includes being a Social Media Marketing Intern for a nonprofit organization in 2021 and being elected Chief Creative Officer at my university's American Marketing Association. I was in charge of creating all the graphics for our social media and flyers and managed a team of designers. I also helped brainstorm event ideas and marketing strategies to increase attendance at our events. At the end of 2022, I had the privilege of assisting Doug Fitch and Tommy Nguyen with a series of original costumes for the premiere of BalletCollective's "The Fluidity of Time". In 2023, I had the incredible opportunity of completing a graphic design internship with Lift Agency. I gained experience creating content for real clients and designing social media content for the agency. Most recently, I was the Social Media Intern for Vacation Forever Tattoo where I created video content to promote the studio. And my most recent passion project was my Senior Honors Thesis, my original children's book Garnet Hates Ghosts featured  in "Projects".

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